From consultations as part of our fitness memberships to full diet plans, reviews and support catering your diet to cope with illnesses and more.


Our nutritionist Kate Southall brings her first hand experience of coping with Diabetes into her practice.

Customer focused, knowledgeable and focused on results, book a session with Kate today and start to see improvement as you transform to the best version of you.


Wellness Center

Olinda for face-to-face consultations or online

Wellness Bookings

What to expect from an initial consultation Information will be collected about your medical history, lifestyle habits, dietary pattern and current health and wellbeing ...
Nutritionist Initial Consultation
1 hr
What to expect from a review or follow-up consultation Managing the way you eat usually involves ongoing care and attention. Usually these appointments are between 1 an...
Nutritionst Follow-up Consultation
30 min
IDEAL FOR: Weight Concerns, General Health Concerns, Diabetes, Hormone Regulation, Food Intolerances 1 x initial appointment (60min, online ) to assess and set up a well...
Healthy Mind Healthy Body
1 hr