Research has proven that regular physical activity improves heart health, reduces your risk of cancer, keeps your bones healthy, improves mental health, and the list goes on.

If exercising indoors works for you, stick with it however there is some interesting evidence that running on a treadmill does not give the same mental health benefits as running outside, and it may not give you the same happy hormone boost as running outside.

It turns out, simply 'being' in a beautiful, natural environment really can benefit your mental health.

Walking in a forested environment or just somewhere that's interesting and beautiful takes our mind away from life's stresses and problems. Our thoughts and focus goes to the external to you. I often say to walkers feeling the pressure of life to look around you, listen to the sounds, smell the clear air and plant aromas and just allow yourself to experience the moment.

Come walking with Hiked and experience the many wonderful physical and mental benefits it gives you.

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