Top tips for hiking in Wet Weather

If you only go hiking when there’s zero chance of rain, you’re going to miss out on some pretty magical and mud-luscious adventures. So rather than shying away from some mud, embrace hiking in wet weather and all the benefits that it brings.

Here are some simple tips to help you stay dry, comfy, safe and sane when hiking in the rain.

Why you should get excited about hiking in the rain

There are so many benefits to hiking in wet weather that far outweigh any perceived downsides.

1. You will have the trail to yourself. Unless everybody out there suddenly reads this article and specifically chooses to hike in the rain, chances are you'll still have more of the trail to yourself. This is great when you want to take on those more popular trails that, during those sunny days, tend to make you feel like a sardine in a tin, which is not how you want to feel when hiking.

2. Everything comes to life when it rains. Ever been in a national park just after a fresh downpour of rain in spring? There are few experiences like it to improve your mindset and get you feeling alive. And you are not going to be able to experience that unless you get out there during the downpour.

Animals tend to come out just after a downpour of rain to feed on the various insects that themselves become more active. At the same time, you will encounter sweet and fresh smells that appear like shy animals only when it rains. Ther