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Our fitness centre and health centre are based in Olinda and Upwey. Our day hikes and events are spread across Victoria:


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THISWORLDEXISTS boasts a community based, sustainable approach to development that is built on transparency, empowerment, community involvement and international collaboration. 

Our rapidly developing growing international volunteer community continues to create significant, meaningful  and sustainable impact in the communities in which we work.

Our Education Development Model helps facilitate communities to attain the educational advancements they are wanting to achieve to help to empower and transform communities from now and long into the future.

THISWORLDEXISTS has enriched the travel experience by creating a more cultural significant, meaningful and sustainable volunteer immersion program that directly supports disadvantaged communities through education.

Hiked has formed a partnership with Decathlon Australia.

Decathlon is all about making sports accessible to Aussies through their innovative products at affordable prices across 70+ sports.

We will be trialling various hiking, camping and sports products and offering our advise to the public on them.

Our members will receive discounts and be invited to private store tours for fundraising.