THISWORLDEXISTS boasts a community based, sustainable approach to development that is built on transparency, empowerment, community involvement and international collaboration. 

Our rapidly developing growing international volunteer community continues to create significant, meaningful  and sustainable impact in the communities in which we work.

Our Education Development Model helps facilitate communities to attain the educational advancements they are wanting to achieve to help to empower and transform communities from now and long into the future.

THISWORLDEXISTS has enriched the travel experience by creating a more cultural significant, meaningful and sustainable volunteer immersion program that directly supports disadvantaged communities through education.


Hiked has formed a partnership with Decathlon Australia.

Decathlon is all about making sports accessible to Aussies through their innovative products at affordable prices across 70+ sports.

We will be trialling various hiking, camping and sports products and offering our advise to the public on them.

Our members will receive discounts and be invited to private store tours for fundraising.

Lifes An Adventure.png

Life’s An Adventure Company Director Mark Norek was born and bred in Tasmania, and has a passion hiking ever since he was president of his high school bushwalking club. Mark started walking with his wife Vicki and to get her to walk more often he would add the finer things in life to the walk so that she would come along and do it more often .. such as footbaths, bottles of wine and her favourite liqueur Bailey’s for her!

This translated some 12 years ago into starting a business called Life’s an Adventure where the goal is to make every walk a more enjoyable experience for all and taking heavy packs out of the equation – and hence we added the tag-line to our logo ‘ The Pack-free Walking Experience’

They also wanted to offer the best accommodation and fine dining in the area as we currently do on our Three Capes walking tour.  They then added to that wow factors to reach more remote areas by helicopter or boat.

Mark and Vicki have carefully designed all our tours to give good value and quality in Pack Free walk, so you carry as little as your camera, water and raincoat (if required). Our guides are all passionate and are incredibly sociable and proud of their state, and this comes through with their guidance through the area.

Enjoy the walk, and feel free to share your photos with us of your memorable experience.

Parks Victoria is established under the Parks Victoria Act 2018 as an independent statutory authority to protect, conserve and enhance Parks Victoria managed land, including its natural and cultural values, for the benefit of the environment and current and future generations.

Hiked is a Licensed Tour Operator which means that we are licensed to provide our organised tours or recreational activities.