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Our fitness centre and health centre are based in Olinda and Upwey. Our day hikes and events are spread across Victoria:


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ThisWorldExists and

Life's an Adventure

We have a sense of adventure and a big heart.

We have a sense of adventure and a big heart. We care about people and the world around us. For this reason we have partnered with charity organisation This World Exists for our some of our major trips each year.


This means we change the way we travel and volunteer on education projects abroad as well as adventuring in some of the most spectacular places in the world.


This year we are going to Nepal with This World Exists. Next year Peru. These trips will change your life!

Life’s an Adventure where the goal is to make every walk a more enjoyable experience for all and taking heavy packs out of the equation – and hence we added the tag-line to our logo ‘ The Pack-free Walking Experience.

They also wanted to offer the best accommodation and fine dining so they have carefully designed all tours to give good value and quality in Pack Free walk, so you carry as little as your camera, water and raincoat (if required). Their guides are all passionate and are incredibly sociable and proud of their state, and this comes through with their guidance through the area.

Our Nepal Trip 2019 is sold out!