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About Us

We motivate our community to safely achieve a healthy mind and healthy body. We are not a traditional fitness organisation. Our mission is to create packages that provide adventure, outdoor fitness that includes hiking the best trails, health services and mindfulness... all this while caring for the world around us.

As the founder of HIKED, Kate Southall created this business wanting to make her love and passion for hiking, fitness and health, a life choice. Our new model available this year now provides packages for our customers that help them to reconnect with community and nature.

Hiked operate by sticking to our key values:

  • Provide professional, safe and reliable service to others that focuses on the customer experience.

  • Injecting good humour and a spirit of fun into all we do.

  • Clear and thorough communication at all times.

  • Committing to helping our members achieve their personal goals.

  • Taking an optimistic and flexible approach to challenges.

  • Maintaining our passion for people, the outdoors and adventure.

  • Employing staff who share these values and care for people.

  • Balancing the triple bottom line of environmental stewardship, social equity/well being and economic viability. 


Why Join Hiked?

We are not just a hiking company. We are a community of like-minded adventure seekers.

Hiked encourages a Healthy Mind Healthy Body philosophy.


We inspire and support you to heal in the great outdoors.


We are not just qualified guides, personal trainers and nutritionists, we are believers in the mind and body benefits of getting out into nature.


Hiked supports you in challenging yourself to experience as much adventure as possible!!!

The moment you join our awesome community you will feel as though you have been part of the family forever. We believe in doing the work but having as much fun as possible while we work.

If you are thinking:

Am I fit enough?

Do I have enough experience?

Will I fit in with the group?

By the end of your first walk believe us  you will have made new friends and found a new level of courage  in yourself.

Your endorphins will keep you going for days and kms or time never comes up the conversations and amazing views keep your mind and body busy.

Our community loves the fun, energetic and positive encouraging atmosphere.  

No one is left behind, our only rules are, WE START TOGETHER, WE WALK TOGETHER, WE FINISH TOGETHER…


Our number one priority is your experience. Simply enjoy the company of others. Take the time to laugh, chat and share experiences or enjoy YOU time.

What Else?

We are a fully insured, registered Licensed Tour Operators. 

All our staff are remote first aid trained, so you can always trust us, and feel safe with us. 

Our number one priority is the safety, comfort, and experience of each and every participant. 

We encourage an open channel of communication and want everyone to feel comfortable chatting to us if ever they have a concern.

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In my late twenties I lost a kidney from a family kidney disease history and then at the age of thirty-one I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 as a result of my kidney failure. I had always been active and pretty healthy in my life so felt confused with why my health was challenging me in so many ways.

I must be honest I struggled with accepting the hand I had been dealt and pushed the limits on and off for the next few years until I made the decision to change all things currently in my fast-paced corporate life and spend my time outdoors walking this beautiful planet and learning all I could in Nutrition and Wellness.

Moving from the city life back to my beloved Dandenong Ranges I began to heal my body and mind by walking and living a more relaxed calm life with my young son.

I completed 2 degrees in Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine and a Diploma in Fitness.

In 2018 I registered Hiked, an idea created by walking on average 100kms a week!

For the first 6 months I created up to 150 hiking routes and educated my in all things important to start leading groups. 

Navigation and Mapping, Remote First Aid, Trekking and Planning, Managing Events all these things and more I learnt to ensure that I would be the best Hiking Company out there.

It started slow, believe me, however I persisted until one day it all sort of turned the corner and the Hiked Community grew. I needed to juggle being a single mum with a young son and being able to head groups out for short and long hikes.

With the growing community, I then opened Hiked Fitness & Health offering Group and Personal Training services with a Fitness Studio in Olinda. I also offered Nutritional Consultations with s specific love for working with people living with an autoimmune disease.

In 2019 Hiked released the first option on the market for a Hiking Membership. This was incredibly exciting for the business and over the next 12months we grew to 150 members! We now offered Overseas and Interstate Trips and Weekend Adventures.

I also created a Free Beginners Hike that we ran every month as a way to encourage and support anyone thinking about Hiking but not quite knowing what it was all about and Kids Hikes that were offered during all school holidays.

Then Covid arrived and during the past couple of years it has been very challenging and damaging to this industry.

I have a tattoo that reads on my arm, More Zena Than Princess…

This is why we are know working hard to adjust to the changes in the world and again are determined to remain here to encourage and support as many people as we can to truly experience the healing of body and mind when hiking and being outdoors.

I live and breathe to Hike. It is such an important part of who I am and I love nothing more than inspiring others to feel the power of hiking.

Meet The Team


Katerina Volny

Hiked Wellness Coordinator 

Katerina is our resident Psychologist. She leads our wellness team and mindfulness hikes.


David Bedford-Lee

Hiked Senior Leader

Our most experienced and knowledgeable hike and adventure leader.

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Jenny Findlay

Senior Hike Leader

Who knew that four years ago I would take up hiking but look at me know. Over those years I have done some amazing hikes which have certainly taken me out of my comfort zone.


Garry Whitehead

Having returned from living and working aboard in South America for the past two years. I have been working with one of Bolivia's best adventure companies - Gravity Bolivia - La Paz... 
As Lead mountain bike guide taking tours groups through the Andean Mountain ranges. I am looking forward to joining the team and sharing my experiences to the Hiked community. 

Ryan Gray.jpg

Ryan Gray

This World Exists - Director

Ryan partners with Hiked in providing  volunteering and adventure trips that support education projects overseas.

Alison Williams.jpg

Alison Williams

I love leading hikes, meeting people and hearing their stories, making people feel welcome and encouraging them to achieve their goals. I always include information in my hikes about the place we are hiking - like: native plants, fungi, local history, indigenous history or local birds and animals. I look forward to meeting you on the next hike.

Melissa Moorfoot.jpg

Melissa Moorfoot

Senior Hike Leader

Hi, my name if Melissa (Mel) and I'm a personal trainer and lover of hiking, Spartan racing and all things fitness related. I love being outdoors and look forward to meeting you on a hike sometime soon.

Emma Renkema.jpg

Emma Renkema

Nature is my happy place, I live by the Australian Indigenous philosophy of country, community and self, by which if we care for our country, everything else will also prosper. I am looking forward to supporting you on your adventures amongst the wonderful wilderness of Victoria and beyond. 


Simon Campbell

Senior Hike Leader

Lover of Nature, Hiking and the thrill of the great outdoors. Simon is excited to share with you his knowledge, and experience new adventures with great people