About Us

We motivate our community to safely achieve a healthy mind and healthy body. We are not a traditional fitness organisation. Our mission is to create membership packages that provide adventure, outdoor fitness that includes hiking the best trails, health services and mindfulness... all this while caring for the world around us.

As the founder of HIKED, Kate Southall created this business wanting to make her love and passion for hiking, fitness and health, a life choice. Our new membership model available this year now provides packages for our customers that help them to reconnect with community and nature.


Hiked offers hikes, overnight hiking, camping, personal and group training, bootcamps, adventure trips, volunteer trips around the world, as well as health coaching and nutritional consultation.

Hiked operate by sticking to our key values:

  • Provide professional, safe and reliable service to others that focuses on the customer experience.

  • Injecting good humour and a spirit of fun into all we do.

  • Clear and thorough communication at all times.

  • Committing to helping our members achieve their personal goals.

  • Taking an optimistic and flexible approach to challenges.

  • Maintaining our passion for people, the outdoors and adventure.

  • Employing staff who share these values and care for people.

  • Balancing the triple bottom line of environmental stewardship, social equity/well being and economic viability. 

Meet The Team

Kate Southall

Founder and Managing Director of Hiked including Hiked Adventures and Hiked Fitness and Health as well as being our most prolific hike leader.

Katerina Volny

Hiked Wellness Coordinator 

Katerina is our resident Psychologist. She leads our wellness team and mindfulness hikes.


Hiked Senior Leader

Our most experienced and knowledgeable hike and adventure leader.

Ruby Provan

Hiked Senior Trainer

Ruby runs fitness and hiking sessions when she isn't running marathons.

Simon Campbell

Senior Hike Leader

Lover of Nature, Hiking and the thrill of the great outdoors. Simon is excited to share with you his knowledge, and experience new adventures with great people

Melissa Moorfoot

Senior Hike Leader

Hi, my name if Melissa (Mel) and I'm a personal trainer and lover of hiking, Spartan racing and all things fitness related. I love being outdoors and look forward to meeting you on a hike sometime soon.

Jenny Findlay

Senior Hike Leader

Who knew that four years ago I would take up hiking but look at me know. Over those years I have done some amazing hikes which havecertainly taken me out of my confirt zone.


Simone Preston

Senior Hike Leader

I love hiking and the outdoors. I would love to guide you through many exciting and beautiful places that Victoria has to offer and share what makes hiking so great!


Cayley Parker

Cayley is a passionate outdoor leader who has guided groups for two years. Some of her activities include hiking, rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, surfing and weekend retreats. 


Her greatest enjoyment in life is being out in nature, and creating unforgettable experiences for others!

Are you the next member of our team?

Hiked is always looking for the right people to join our organisation? If you are interested in what we do then send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

Ryan Gray

This World Exists - Director

Ryan partners with Hiked in providing  volunteering and adventure trips that support education projects overseas.

Contact Us

We are always happy to help, send us an email

Areas We Cover

Our fitness centre and health centre are based in Olinda and Upwey. Our day hikes and events are spread across Victoria:


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